Juvenile Tanzania


The Ultimate Honeymoon Destination for Spice, History, and Stunning Beaches

What better way to round off a safari adventure through Tanzania than to spend some time relaxing on one of its beautiful white sand beaches. Zanzibar is traditionally the destination that most people go for, but the Tanzanian mainland has an increasing number of superb beach options that are much smaller and quieter than the large resorts found on the “Spice Island”. The emphasis when at the beach is very much on relaxation, enjoying the fantastic food (especially seafood) and sunbathing, however, there are plenty of activities to enjoy as well, especially on Zanzibar where many hotels boast their own dive and watersports schools.

Zanzibar tends to be home to the larger resorts often numbering 100 rooms or more, however, these are well spread out so you don’t get the feeling of being overrun by other guests. Somewhere such as Zuri Zanzibar is a great option on the North of the Island and offers plenty do outside of the resort with a number of villages located close by. If you are looking for more villa style properties, White Sand Villas is an excellent option, as is Esque Zalu if you are looking for somewhere really opulent. On the mainland Ras Kutani is within a 2-hour drive of Dar-es-Salaam so is perfect for rounding off a trip before heading home and it offers a really tranquil place to relax. If you are looking for somewhere with more activities on the mainland Saadani River Lodge or Saadani Safari Lodge are excellent options.

Although the emphasis is on relaxation, Zanzibar, in particular, offers plenty to do for those looking to be more active. Diving schools cater for beginners looking to learn the basics right the way through to the experts and there are some fantastic dive spots to enjoy. For a more sedate way to enjoy the ocean, snorkelling is offered as are activities such as stand up paddle boarding, kayaking and walks along the beach. Kitesurfing is growing in popularity and there is an increasing number of places to learn this exhilarating sport.

Spending time on the beach is a great way to end a busy safari trip and will allow you to relax and unwind before heading home. Connecting flights mean you can enjoy the whole day on Zanzibar before flying home. Do consider the mainland coast if you don’t like big resort style hotels but there are a number of small, boutique options where you will really feel at home.