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8 Days Machame Route

8 Days / 7 Nights Safari


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8 Days Machame Route


Machame route is our most successful and chic mountaineering path on Mt. Kilimanjaro, essentially as outcome of the following two significant factors: On day 3 of the hike the landscape of this route, permit you to climb high and sleep low – when you start from Shira camp (3 847m) hike up to Lava Tower (4 642m) and then down to Barranco camp (3 984m) to overnight. The peak attempt path from Barafu camp has less loose scree (rocks) compared to the summit attempt path from Kibo Hut, making it slightly easier to reach the crater rim


Meeting at Kilimanjaroairport or at the shuttle bus stop – and transfer to the Hotel either in Moshi, or Arusha.

Departure from the hotel and crossing cultivated areas( banana, coffee, maize) in order to reach Machame Gate. After completing the formalities of use, we begin our trek in the lush and humid rainforest, its silence is sometimes disturbed by the cries of birds or blue monkeys. We reach Machame Hut (3.050m). Travelling time (5 hours).

After an hour’s walk, the trail leaves the forest and zigzags on small rocky outcrops, with very nice views of Mount Meru. We cross the altitude moor, populated by rodents, such as hyraxes. Flora is typical: giant groundsels, heaths, lobelia. At the end of the road, the Shira Hut camp, in the heart of the high plateau.
From the Camp, a beautiful view over the glaciers of western slopes of Kibo( Credmer, Great& Little Penek) We reach Shira Hut. Travelling Time (4 hours).

We continue crossing the Shira Plateau towards Lava Tower (4.400m). Impressive view to of the arrow Glacier. We enter the fault of Barranco.
Bivouac at Barranco Hut under the Heim glacier. Traveling Time 4hrs and 30min to 5 hrs.

Crossing the Breach Wall scarps. Hands are often useful. Rough passage, but our efforts are rewarded by the view of the glaciers of Heim and Kersten. Walk until Barafu Hut.
Shortly before arriving at Barafu, beautiful view of Mawenzi ( 5150m). Traveling time(6 Hours).

The final ascent begins at 1am.The temperature can vary between -5° and -15°. Must zigzag about 7 hours between boulders and areas of slag to reach the edge of the Kibo crater altitude 5755m.The slope is steep and the progress slow. The spectacle of the dawn and the colors to glaciers are fabulous. Amazing view over the second volcano Kilimanjaro: the Mawenzi.
1 extra hour of walking is needed to do the 140m altitude difference that separates us from Uhuru Peak, the summit of Africa. (5.895m).
Difficult descent by the Mweka to reach Barafu Hut(4600m). Then 3 additional hours until Mweka Hut ( 3.090m). Rough day and guaranteed sleep. Traveling time( 5 hours from Barafu to Stella Point, 1h from Stella Point to the summit, 2h 30 back to Barafu then 3 hours from Barafu to Mweka Hut.

Descent to Mweka Gate. Travelling time(3 hours &30min). Awarding of a diploma certifying that you have reached Uhuru Peak. Transfer either to Moshi or Arusha. Check in at your hotel. Free afternoon. Dinner.

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